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Halyards and trimlines

Trimstar Ultraneema  cruiser 16  Cruiser 24 d-performance 2018
Trimstar - Polyester ★★★ Ultraneema ★★★★★  Cruiser 16 - Polyester ★★  Cruiser 24 - Polyester ★★★  D - Performance ★★★★
3mm - 6mm 2mm - 6mm  6mm - 12mm  6mm - 14mm  4mm - 12mm


       Best buy!!
D-Cup  ★★★★ TN-Racing ★★★★★      
 5mm - 12mm  8mm - 14mm      


Sheets with grip

P-Sheet Cruiser 24 Kmix TopCruiser Kmix ssr SSR - Light
P-Sheet - Staple ★★ 
Cruiser 24 Kmix ★★★★ Topcruiser Kmix ★★★★ SSR ★★★★ SSR - Light  ★★★★
6mm - 16mm  8mm - 16mm 4mm - 8mm  4mm - 8mm 4mm - 10mm


D-cup Kmix met grip    
D - Cup Kmix ★★★★★  SSC  ★★★★★      
 5mm - 12mm  5mm-8mm      


Classic ropes

Trimstar Classic Classic 24 D-classic Oldtimer
Trimstar Classic ★★★ Classic 24 ★★★  D-Classic ★★★★  Oldtimer ★★★  
3mm - 6mm 6mm - 14mm   4mm - 14mm  8mm - 18mm  



Dyneema® fiber ropes 

D-core Dyneema D-core SK90  D-core SK90 D-cover D-Grip
D-Core  ★★★★ D - Core SK99 ★★★★★  D - 78 HPS ★★★★★ Dyneema® fiber Cover ★★★★★
D-Grip ★★★★★
2mm - 10mm 2.5mm - 6mm   3mm - 8mm  7mm - 12mm 4mm



Mooring lines & fenders

PES-landvasten Dockline landvasten 8 strengs  3 strengs polyester landvast PPM 8 strengs
PES Mooring ★★★★ Dockline ★★★★★ 8-strand Polyester ★★★★★ 3-strand Polyester ★★★★ 8 - strand PPM ★★★
 10mm - 18mm  10mm - 20mm  14mm - 26mm   8mm - 12mm  14mm - 26mm


3 strengs ppm Landvast rubbers Cilinder fenders
3-strand (PPM) ★★ Mooring snubbers  Cilinder fenders Fenderline  
 8mm - 18mm  8mm - 16mm  XS - XXL    


Other ropes

Elastiek Softline Reefpro  Reddingslijn P-core
Shock cord Softline Reefpro Safety line P - Core
3mm - 10mm 2mm - 6mm 5mm - 8mm    4mm - 6mm


Flyneema Anti torsion code zero
Flyneema  Anti Tortion / Code Zero      
1mm - 1.4mm  8mm - 15mm      



Harken sailing hardware

Harken blok Harken cruising blok Harken klem Harken lier Harken onderhoud Harken MClube
Racing blocks ESP blocks Cam cleats Winches Maintenance McLube






Wichard D-sluiting Wichard Lange D-sluiting gedraaide D Sluiting Snapsluiting quickrelease Valsluiting
D - Shackle Long D - Shackle Twisted D - Shackle Snap shackles Quickrelease shackle Halyard shackle



Tylaska snapshackle Snap shackle groot oog Valsluiting Valsuiting 2:1 Tylaska plug fid J-lock
Snap shackle Snapshackle big eye Halyard shackle Halyard shackle 2:1 Plug Fid  J - Lock


Solent Ropes

Snap shackle Snapshackle met wartel D-sluiting Gedraaide D-sluiting Lange D sluiting D-sluiting met brug
Snap shackle Snapshackle + swivel D - Shackle Twisted D-Shackle Long D- Shackle D-shackle with bridge


Jammers and clutches


SUA Mini Stopper PXR Spinlock cam cleat Spinlock XAS Spinlock XTS stopper XTS Spinlock stopper ZR stopper
SUA mini clutch PXR Cam cleat XAS Clutch XTS Clutch XCS Clutch ZR Jammer

XX stopper Spinlock toebehoren
XX Clutch Spare parts        


Other hardware

Thimbles Verstaging RVS Kous
Thimbles Rigging Stainless steel thimble      



Softshackle  Dyneema loop  Dyneema loop 
Softshackles Dyneema® fiber loop  Dyneema® fiber loop + cover      



Splicing tools

Selma splitspennen D-splicer splitstape zeilnaalden

Dyneema schaar
Selma neeldes D - Splicer  Splicing tape Needles  Dyneema scissors

Fid Touwbrander marlow takelgaren
Fids Rope cutter Ceramic Knife  Marlow Wippingtwine  D-Splicer Fixed



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