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Special rope projects

Premium Ropes delivers tailor made ropes for every solution you need. For events, art projects or furniture. Get inspired by some of our reference projects.

Rope divider 

Rope divider - With OTH Architects we developed these rope dividers. An elegant divider make of ropes in colors matching the rest of the interior. For office buildings and public buildings the perfect way to add colors and create different atmosphere. PremiumRopes custom makes the rope dividers.


Van Gogh Mile

Van Gogh Mile - Artist Henk Schut designed this art event right across the center of Amsterdam. A red rope connects the Van Gogh Museum with the Hermitage. Temporary part of the Van Gogh collection is moved to the Hermitage museum during construction works. Visitors who come to a closed Van Gogh Museum are invited to walk to the Hermitage center guided by this red line. During the walk, the Van Gogh Mile app can be consulted to brighten the environment even more with augmented reality. Premium Ropes designed this rope in close cooperation with the artist. Not only was it essential that the rope had the right color and diameter, it also should not stretch and be light weight. Special high tech fibers (vectran core) were used to live up to the high expectations of the artist.


Sweet memory lamps

Sweet Memory lamps - Designers René van Doorn and Liane Elshout have a passion for craftsmanship. These lamps from ropes are hand made. Premium Ropes worked with them to get the right size, material and colors for their lamps.


High tech ropes for tailgut violin and cello

Tailguts for violin, viola and cello - The advantages of high tech fibres are nowadays also recognized by violin builders across the world. A high tech multifibre braided cord used for tailguts (also: tail cord or tail loop) replaces the traditional loops of nylon, steel or even gut. A double braided rope with the right fibre will not stretch and is stronger than steel. Yet it increases the mobility of the tailpiece of the instrument close to the main source of resonance, the bridge. Premium Ropes has provided many violin builders with the perfect rope for tailguts.


Cable shots video productions

Cable Shots - Capture unique shots during sports events. Their camera's roll high over the event to catch the bird's eye view. Cable shots chose for D-CORE Dyneema® wires as that is light weight, smooth and strong.


Ropes used in art projects

Art Projects - Also in the art world dyneema is taking over from stainless steel wires. Ropes made of Dyneema® (D-CORE) enable objects to hang from the ceiling in an elegant and lightweight manner. It is easy to work with as one can make eye splices after a few basic instructions.

Contact Premium Ropes via email or phone +31-20-419 -6412.