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Premium Ropes is proud supplier of a number of very succesfull Dutch sailingteams.  Both Olympic top teams and  very active Dutch corinthian sailors that sail exclusively with ropes of Premium Ropes

Orange Water Sailing Team  (470 men)

Orange Water Sailing Team


Team Famed (Optimist)

famed sailing team


A group of ambitious Optimist sailors, trained by Han van Beverwijk, continuously looking to improve their sailing skills. They are a close knit team who work hard and have fun sailing. Besides many many hours on the water they learn how to make tactical and strategical decisions. Premium Ropes is proud to be a part of this project for some years now!

Frostbite Cup J/80

Frostbite Cup

Skutsje de Tiid Sil 't Leare - Orionis Studenten Zeilvereniging

Jan Heuninck - A Cat

Jan Heunink A-Cat


Born in South Africa, living in Spain and with Belgian heritage. Jan is truely an international who choose a very innovative boat to sail. These are the projects that make our hearts skip a beat. Jan can count on us as a rope supplier and we count on him to provide us with valuable feedback. An excellent partnership is the result.

Finn Fabulous Five Races

Finn Fabulous Five Races

In 2017 the board of the FCH has initiated a new racing series of 5 regatta's for the Finn boat.
The goal is to race 5 major events that are fun for both Olympic sailors and the more senior sailors (masters).  A big success as it turns out because there was a growth in competitors at each event.During the day there are exciting races and in the evening there is a dinner for all competitors. There are many goodies and beautifull prices to win. Including some prices donated by Premium Ropes.