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Rope Length

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Below you can find a guideline for rope length. It is a generic guide and no rights can be obtained from this. You should crosscheck these values with the specific situation on board of your ship. The best way to figure out what length your halyards and sheets should be, is to measure the old ropes befor you replace them.

Check out our selection of halyards, sheets and mooring ropes.

General guideline for rope lengths in meters

  Main halyard

  Mast length x 2.5

  Genoa Halyard

  Mast length x 2.5

  For fractional rig: Mast length x 2

  Spinnaker/ Gennaker Halyard

  Mast length x 2.5

  Main Sheet

  Boat length x 2.5

  Genoa Sheet

  Boat length x 1-1.5

  Spinnaker sheet/ Guy

  Boat length x 2


  Boom length x 2

  Boom Vang

  Boom length x 2


  Boom length x 1

  Reefing Lines – reef 1

  Boom length x 2.5

  Reefing Lines – reef 2

  Boom length x 3

  Mooring line

  Boat length x 1.25


Helps you select the right rope for your needs: