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Rope Length

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Below you can find a guideline for rope length. It is a generic guide. You should crosscheck these values with your own specific situation. No rights can be obtained from these values.


General guideline for rope length

  Main Halyard

  Mast length x 2.5

  Genoa Halyard

  Mast length x 2.5

  For fractional rig: Mast length x 2

  Spinnaker/ Gennaker Halyard

  Mast length x 2.5

  Main Sheet

  Boat length x 2.5

  Genoa Sheet

  Boat length x 1-1.5

  Spinnaker sheet/ Guy

  Boat length x 2


  Boom length x 2

  Boom Vang

  Boom length x 2


  Boom length x 1

  Reefing Lines – reef 1

  Boom length x 2.5

  Reefing Lines – reef 2

  Boom length x 3

  Mooring line

  Boat length x 1.25


Helps you select the right rope for your needs: