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Harken winches


Harken Winches

Harken Radial Winches have successfully balanced the eed for a secure grip and line longevitywith smooth, controlled easing while under load. Details sailors will appreciate: smaller winches that carry higher loads, stress-free seasonal maintenance, and one-person installation with easy upgrades to aluminum, chrome and bronze; 1-, 2-, and 3 speed self-tailing; manual, electric, or hydraulic drives. 

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Harken has introduced the new Radial Winches. These winches have reached a new level of performance and are very powerfull and efficient. The gripping surface are shaped and do not depend on friction to hold the line. Maintenance has become a lot easier too, the top lifts out as one single unit making reassembly very easy. 

Harken Radial winches
The aluminum Radial winches are developed for sailors who want a lightweight, strong winch with plenty of power. These winches make it possible to trim your sails with relative ease, even on a windy day. The diagonal grip (rather than abrasive material) creates maximum holding power and greatly reduces line wear. When easing the grip stops the line from rising and overriding. 

The small winches are available with one speed. The self-tailer models from size 60 and up are available in two or even three speeds. 

Harken Chrome Radial winches
The crome radial winches are designed for sailors who want the elegant look to enhance their yacht's lines. These winches have a black base and top and also deliver great grip and low weight. The drum is a little different from the normal radial winch because chrome is a little smoother then aluminum. However, the sailor can expect the same amount of grip and trimming easy. 

Ball bearing handles
These low-friction handles are great for every sailor, for both racers and cruisers. The ball bearings run smooth and offer a wide range of cranking in every type of situation.