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Instruction videos

Want to do your own rope rigging and splicing? We have made more than 30 ropesplicing instruction videos how to eye-splice braided modern ropes, how to make softshackles from ropes with Dyneema® fibers, etc. Watch our video’s! The numbers correspond to the chapters of ‘Handbook Splicing Modern Ropes’. Check out our wide range of splicing tools .

5. Eye splice in plaited or twisted ropes 


Eye splice in a three-strand rope

Rope: P-Classic


Eye splice in a eight-strand rope

Rope: Eight –strand mooring


6. Eye splice in polyester ropes

       D-Splicer rope splicing tools

Eye splice in double braided polyester

Ropes: Cruiser 16, Cruiser 24


D-SPLICER ropesplicing tools are used worldwide. The best quality!


7. Eye splice in ropes from Dyneema® fibers


Single braided ropes with Dyneema® fibers basic method

Rope: SSR


Download the Premium Ropes App with splicing instructions:

Apple store Google Play



Single braided line with Dyneema® fibers when both ends are free

Ropes: D-CoreD-Core 99


Single braided line with Dyneema® fibers when one end is attached

Ropes: D-Core, D-Core 99



Double braid line with Dyneema® fibers – simple method

Ropes: D-CupD-Cup Kmix, D-Performance


Double braid line with Dyneema® fibers –cover tucked back

Ropes: D-CupD-Cup Kmix, D-Performance



Double braid line with Dyneema® fibers –using cover

Ropes: D-CupD-Cup Kmix, D-Performance


Double braid line with Dyneema® fibers with double cover

8. Dyneema® fiber soft shackles


Dyneema® fiber softshackle –version 1

Ropes: D-CoreD-Core 99


Dyneema® fiber softshackle –version 2


Softshackle integrated into rope


Diamond knot explained

9. Weight savings and taperings


Tapered Dyneeema® fiber halyard or sheet

Ropes: D-CupD-Cup Kmix


End-to-end splice two single braid Dyneema® fiber line

Ropes: SSRD-Core


Splicing a steel wire lead to a double braid polyester

Ropes: Cruiser 24Wire rope 7x19


Making a Dyneema® fiber lead

Ropes: D-CoreCruiser 24

10. Thickening and strengthening


Splice an extra cover over a rope
Need protection from chafing: chose our Dyneema® fiber Cover.
Need better grip in clutches: chose our Technora cover.


Splicing in an extra core

Rope: D-Core

11. Continuous loops


Loop of double braid polyester - equal thickness,
the core is not used in this splice and that leads
to an equal thick rope. However this loop is reduced in strength.
E.g. use it for furlers.

Rope: Cruiser 16


Loop of double braid polyester – strong,
the core is used in this loop and adds to the breaking load.

Rope: Cruiser 24


Simple Dyneema® fiber loop

Ropes: D-core


Dyneema® fiber loop with cover- strong ,
if you want a short and very strong Dyneema® fiber loop,
multiply the loops in the cover.

Ropes: D-Core,  Dyneema® fiber cover,  Dogbones

12. Whippings

       Splicing kit with tools and ropes

Stitched whipping for double braided ropes

Rope: Whipping twine


Rope splicing tools are available as set and separately.

We sell Selma fids and the total D-SPLICER range.


Simple whipping

Rope: Whipping twine


Whipping for a three-strand rope

Rope: Whipping twine

13. Reeving new halyards


Reeving eye, also Flemish eye,
use for reeving only as it is not a strong eye.


  Other methods for reeving halyards

14. Splicing tips and tricks


Not enough space in a rope: use a SoftFid!

D-Splicer SoftFid



Other tips and tricks for splicing ropes.;

More background in ''Handbook Splicing Modern Ropes'.


               Splicing modern ropes - a practical handbook by Jan-Willem Polman
Download the Premium Ropes Ropesplicing App and have splicing instructions available off-line: Apple store Google Play          All our ropesplicing video's are numbered in the same order as in the book 'Splicing Modern Ropes' by Jan-Willem Polman


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