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  1. Dockline
    SKU: PRR206

    Application:Mooring, Anchoring, Fenderline
    Dockline was developed for outstanding strength, easy handling and to have a high abrasion resistance. This rope is perfect for mooring, docking but also anchoring. It has superb elongation characteristics that protects your boat from rough weather conditions. Please indicate when splicing is required.

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  2. Floating Rescue line
    SKU: PRR170
    Application: Rescue line, Diving line
    Polypropylene 16 strands rope for safety purposes. Characteristics: floating, bright colors.
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  3. PES-Mooring - Ready Made
    SKU: PRR906
    Application: Mooring
    UV resistant polyester rope with a long service life. Ready made with eye splice.
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3 Items

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