dyneema guardrail guide

dyneema guardrail guide

HMPE guard rails - OSR permitted


  • Offshore Special Regulations
  • benefits of HMPE ropes as guard rail
  • diameters according to OSR
  • load
  • fitting and splicing
  • How to tighten the railing
  • Are HMPE guard rails suitable for cruising sailors?
  • class roules

dyneema guard rails

HMPE superfiber braids are ideal for use on a regatta yachts due to their high breaking load and low stretch in the line. In addiotion to backstays, sea rails can also be easily replaced with Dyneema lines.

According to the new Offshore Special Regulations (OSR), metal reeling wires may also be replaced by HMPE superfibers under certain conditions.  
This only applies to category 4 races. In ORC categories 0-3, metal railing wires are still mandatory.

According to the OSR, category 4 regattas are "Short races, close to shore in relatively warm and protected waters where adequate shelter effective rescue is available all along the course, held in daylight only".  This includes the Aalregatta, the Silverrudder and all races on inland waters. 

benefits of HMPE ropes as guard rail

Dyneema Guard rail is lighter than conventional metal reeling wire and at the same time very low-stretch. The compact braided cover of the Dyneema Guardrail has superior abrasion resistance and protects the core braid permanently against wear.

HMPE guardrails are:

  • lightweight
  • low-noise
  • space-saving when open
  • gentle on material

Is Dyneema Guard rail from Premiumropes strong enough as a rail wire?

Yes, the dyneema guard rail is braided from the HMPE super fiber Dyneema® SK78, which gives it a breaking load comparable to steel wire. As with all ropes, regular inspection of the Premiumropes guard rail is necessary. After some time, the sharp metal edges of the railing supports can cause wear and tear, which is why we recommend Rope Relief for protection.


what is the minimum diameter for dyneema guard rails?

The minimum diameter of HMPE rails depends on the overall length of the boat. The detailed diameter requirements can be found in table below.


boat lengh HMPE rope

min. diameter rope with

HMPE core

< 8,5 m / 28ft4 mm6 mm
8,5 m - 13 m5 mm7 mm
> 13 m / 42,8ft5 mm7 mm


Do I have to change both sea railing?

No. However, the OSR guidelines always refer to both railings, even if the lower one is loaded while hiking.  So if the use of HPME railing cables is prohibited in Cat. 3 regattas, both must also be made of metal.

How to tighten the railing wire.

All railing cables must be tensioned after installation to ensure their functionality. If you attach the guard rials using a fork terminal and pelican hook, we recommend tensioning them with a tension gauges.

If you choose to splice the rail wire into a metal grommmet on the pulpit and then guide it through the railing supports, we recommend tensioning it using a low friction ring and tackle.


Are hmpe guarderails suitable for cruisers?

In general, yes! The breaking load of Dyneema railings is similar to that of metal wire. However, the shear at the stanchion tubes  is a weak point, but this can be increased with Rope Relief. However, HMPE railing cables are characterized by their high level of comfort and very easy handling, whereby the freedom in the stern area when open stands out in particular. We thus recommend metal railing hoists for cruising sailors who are underway for several years at a time.

How to attach a dyneema guard rail? 

The easiest way to attach the Dyneema line to the pulpit is with a spliced Blue Wave fork terminal.  At the stern, the connection can be made using a low friction ring.

This is spliced into the Dyneema guard rail while a Ø3mm or Ø4mm dyneema strop is lashed to the pushpit.


Dyneema Guardrail for your boat: 

Simply customize your Dyneema Guardrail in the shop suit your boat! Here you can customize everything from length and thickness to different splice options. 


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Dyneema Guardrails class rules:

Each boat class regulates equipment specifications individually and independently of the OSR guidelines. The ships on which metal railing wires can be replaced by a Dyneema pendant are listed below:

- Albin Express: the wire may be wholly or partly replaced by synthetic rope and/or webbing with a breaking strength of minimum 900 kg

- Melges 24 : hiking line of HMPE ø4,5mm or of s/s wire ø3,1mm

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