Soft attachment blocks by Seldén


Seldén soft attachment blocks

The new Soft attachment blocks from Seldén are reliable, strong and just simply good looking. Not only the have replaced the stainless steel shackles, but they completely re-designed the block as well.

Attaching blocks with a loop or lashing is not particularly new. However, Seldén has come up with a smart way to connect the block with a Dyneema® loop using a patented insert in the central rivet of the block. This doesn’t only look great, but also ensures a fast an secure attachment. A smart and strong pre-spliced loop made from Dyneema® is supplied together with the block.

The Soft attachment block is made with stainless steel ball bearings and a composite(Acetal) sheave. For high-load applications there is also a version of the Soft Attachment blocks with an aluminium sheave and Torlon® bearings.

The new blocks are available with ø20, 30 and 40 mm sheaves. A double block is available too. This makes the new Soft attachment blocks from Selden perfect for dinghy racing and sportboats. The high-load version with aluminium sheave and Torlon® bearings could also be used for several applications in yacht racing like a vang system, barber haulers or a Cunningham.

One thing is for sure. With these Soft attachment blocks on board you have reliability and speed. As a bonus it will look great too.


Are you interested in the new blocks? Just send us an email and we will keep you posted about the availability. The blocks are expected December 2021.

Selden part numberDiscriptionWeightSafe working loadBreaking loadMax line sizeSheaveBearingExpected price 
402-101-60RS20 Single9 gr100kg200kg6mmAcetalStainless steel €                 17,00
402-101-61RS20 Double16 gr100kg200kg6mmAcetalStainless steel €                 35,00
402-101-65S20+ Single10 gr200kg400kg6mmAluminiumTorlon
402-101-60-01S20 single, Perform.45 gr100kg200kg6mmAcetalStainless steel
402-101-65-01S20+ single, Perform.23 gr200 kg400 kg6mmAluminiumTorlon
403-101-60RS30 Single18 gr200 kg450 kg8mmAcetalStainless steel €                 26,00
403-101-61RS30 Double34 gr200 kg450 kg8mmAcetalStainless steel €                 42,00
403-101-65RS30+ Single21 gr275 kg550 kg8mmAluminiumTorlon €                 49,00
403-101-65-01S30+ Single, Soft attach. COMPL.KIT48 gr125 kg250 kg8mmAluminiumTorlon
403-101-60-01S30 Single, Soft attach. COMPL.KIT69 gr125 kg250 kg8mmAcetalStainless steel
404-101-60RS40 Single47 gr250 kg500 kg10mmAcetalStainless steel €                 35,00
404-101-61RS40 Double88 gr250 kg500 kg10mmAcetalStainless steel €                 59,00
404-101-65RS40+ Single49 gr350 kg700 kg10mmAluminiumTorlon €                 59,00
404-101-65-01S40+ Single, Soft attach. COMPL.KIT111 gr300 kg600 kg10mmAluminiumTorlon
404-101-60-01S40 Single, Soft attach. COMPL.KIT128 gr300 kg600 kg10mmAcetalStainless steel