Blue Wave

Blue Wave makes premium quality terminals and rigging screws. We can swage these to wire rope, but you can also order the parts separately of course.

Blue wave swage terminalsBlue wave rigging screwsBlue wave smart pins for rigging screws

Do you already have the Blue Wave smartpins on board of your sailing yacht? These are handy and safe pins to secure the rigging screws. 

Blue Wave is a Danish company that makes and extensive range of stainless steel fittings. Premiumropes can swage these fittings to wire rope for yacht rigging, guard rails and architectural constructions. On board of sailing yachts, make sure to inspect your fittings twice a year. A small damage can lead to large problems. It is quite easy to order new stays on-line in our webstore. Quickly check the costs and order online.

You will need the following information:

1. Type of wire rope and diameter 
2. Length
3. Type of fittings
4. Type of rigging screws

We ship new rigging world wide. Please contact us if you want advise from one of our riggers.