Perhaps the most famous fibre for sailing ropes is Dyneema®. In our range you will find different types of Dyneema®. These are the Dyneema® SK-38, SK-78 and SK-99. Dyneema® SK99 is the strongest. Dyneema® SK78 is the best choice for racing and the Dyneema® SK38 is a good choice for cruising.

Singlebraid DyneemaD-Performance sheets and halyards with SK38 Dyneema coreD-Cup sheets and halyards with SK78 Dyneema coreD-Cup Kmix for sheets with SK78 Dyneema corD-Cover separate Dyneema cover

Premiumropes offers a wide range of ropes made of Dyneema® fibres. Dyneema® is also known with its chemical name HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene). Dyneema® has revolutionised ropes for sailing. Halyards, sheets and control ropes can be made quite thinner compared to polyester only ropes. Also these ropes are very easy to splice and taper. Singlebraid ropes of Dyneema® fibres can often replace wire rope and stainless steel products. For example with soft shackles and steel leads. Dyneema® sheets and halyards were first only used by regatta sailors, but have quickly became popular with performance sailors too. In order to protect ropes at specific places from chafing, we also sell separate Dyneema® covers (D-Cover). Premiumropes can splice, taper and custom make these ropes for your sailboat and purpose.  

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