D-Splicer D-Slack

Clever splicing tool made of special braiding to get pulling power on the cover of a rope, that needs to be milked over a splice or core. Available in two sizes.
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Splicing tool made of special braiding to get best possible pulling power on the cover of a rope

The D-Slack ropecover-milkingstrop is a durable and easy-to-use splicing tool that is attached around the cover of a doublebraided rope and thus can deliver the necessary force onto the coverbraiding. That way a tight cover can be milked over a thick or spliced core and the slack will be taken out of the cover.
D-Slack is made from special fibres combined in a single, hollow braid which gives it the exceptional grip on any rope. This strop has two spliced eyes which are used for pulling. The middle part will be fxed with a clove hitch around the rope and can deliver the pulling power in the cover. The D-Slack is probably the most powerful trick to get the necessary force best possible into a tight cover and milk it over a splice.

The D-Slack from D-Splicer is available in two sizes for ropes from 4mm to 16mm in diameter. Always included is a full coloured instructions which contains photos and text explaining step-by-step how to use this splicing tool.

  • D-Slack L-10 for ropes from 4mm to 10mm diameter
  • D-Slack L-16 for ropes from 10mm to 16mm diameter

Why is this splicing tool called D-Slack?

The D-Slack helps to get the loose cover over the core of a rope or to milk it in a certain direction. Such loose cover is called Slack and because the tool is necessary to work it, it is been named after the slack.

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