Rope kits for the Olympic Finn

Finn ropes - ready made rope kits

Finn ropes are very special. We sat down with the best Finn sailors of the world and designed these rope kits. For example, we designed our Finn main halyard to last longer than the system originally provided. We have spliced a steel wire lead to singlebraid rope made from Dyneema® fibers. All is exactly measured accoring to Finn class regulations. Also our tapered main sheet is custom made of two singlebraid ropes with Dyneema® fibers. The set with trimlines for the above deck system, need to be spliced endlessly. You need to do this on the boat. For that reason we have a special splicing tool kit for the Finn. Watch our video and you can do this splice yourself easily. Let us know what you think of our Finn ropes and we will further improve our rope kits with your feedback.

Rope Diameter Length Type
Main Halyard     Ready Made
Tapered Main Sheet 10 mm + 5 mm 11 meter Ready Made
Cunningham Cascade 3 mm 2,1 meter DX Core
Cunningham Trim 5 mm 6,2 meter S Cup
Vang Cascade 4 mm 2,7 meter DX Core
Vang Trim 5 mm 6,2 meter S Cup
Outhaul cascade 4 mm 1,5 meter DX Core
Outhaul elastic 6 mm 1,5 meter Elastic
Outhaul trim 5 mm 6,2 meter S Cup
Traveller 5 mm 2 meter DX Core
Hiking strap trim 8 mm 1,5 meter Cruiser XTS Grip
Foil Elastic 5 mm 2 meter Elastic

How to splice a line endlessly? Watch this video:

You need to splice some of the Finn ropes above deck into an endless line. This is how to splice these trimlines. You only use the cover of the rope in this splice.

Finn ropes: ready made rope kits