Sailing hardware accessories such as fairleads, eye straps, winch covers, sheet bags, springs, winch handles, wedges. We sell sailing hardware of leading brands such as Harken, Ronstan, Selden and Spinlock. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us. Filter easily on model and brand.

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  1. Nylon Thimble
    SKU: PRH708
    Nylon Thimble Learn More
  2. Halyard Puck for Tylaska "T" Snap Shackles
    SKU: PRH782
    These custom pucks are designed to fit the Standard Bail radius of T8, T12, and T20 shackles and have all CNC radiused edges. The cup-like shape allows you to get your masthead halyard to max hoist while also providing max protection to the shackle. Learn More
  3. Ring Stainless Steel
    SKU: PRH210

    Ring Stainless Steel

    Learn More
  4. Halyard Ball Stopper
    SKU: PRH781

    This halyard ball stopper is to protect your eye-splice, masthead exit and shackle chafing against each other. Available in 4 different sizes but easily drilled out for a snug fit.

    Learn More
  5. Shockcord Hook
    SKU: PRH779
    Shockcord Hook Learn More
  6. Curved Base 38mm
    SKU: SE319823
    Curved Base 38mm Learn More
  7. Line Guide 38mm
    SKU: SE43321301R
    Line Guide 38mm Learn More
  8. Wedge Kit 38mm
    SKU: SE43321601R
    Wedge Kit 38mm Learn More
  9. Riser 38mm
    SKU: SE433215R
    Riser 38mm Learn More
  10. Top Guide 38mm
    SKU: SE43320801R
    Top Guide 38mm Learn More
  11. Curved Base 27mm
    SKU: SE319844
    Curved Base 27mm Learn More
  12. Line Guide 27mm
    SKU: SE43311301R
    Line Guide 27mm Learn More
  13. Wedge Kit 27mm
    SKU: SE43311601R
    Wedge Kit 27mm Learn More
  14. Riser 27mm
    SKU: SE433115R
    Riser 27mm Learn More
  15. Top Guide 27mm
    SKU: SE43310801R
    Top Guide 27mm Learn More
  16. Fairlead 38mm
    SKU: SE43321001R
    Fairlead 38mm Learn More
  17. Fairlead 27mm
    SKU: SE43311001R
    Fairlead 27mm Learn More
  18. Eye Strap Flat
    SKU: PRH201
    stainless steel Eye strap Learn More
  19. Eye Strap Round
    SKU: PRH202
    stainless steel Eye Strap Round Learn More

19 Items

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