Sailing hardware accessories such as fairleads, eye straps, winch covers, sheet bags, springs, winch handles, wedges. We sell sailing hardware of leading brands such as Harken, Ronstan, Selden and Spinlock. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us. Filter easily on model and brand.

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  1. Nylon Thimble
    SKU: PRH708
    Nylon Thimble Learn More
    From €0.25
  2. Series 40 Curved Surface Adapter, Suits RF41151 RF41153
    SKU: RF41153
    Curved surface adapter, for cheek block Learn More
  3. Small split backstay plate for HK304
    SKU: HK321
    Lightweight, low-friction wire blocks carry wire halyards and high-strength control lines on boats of all sizes. Learn More
  4. Winch handle Aluminum - 203mm (8inch)
    SKU: HKB8
    Harken 203mm (8 inch) winch handles come in 4 different types: With lock-in, without lock-in, low-profile and with handpalm. Learn More
    From €75.00
  5. Winch handle Aluminum - 254mm (10inch)
    SKU: HKB10
    Harken 254mm (10inch) winch handles come in 3 different types: With lock-in, without lock-in, low-profile and with handpalm. Learn More
    From €87.50
  6. Halyard Ball Stopper
    SKU: PRH781

    This halyard ball stopper is to protect your eye-splice, masthead exit and shackle chafing against each other. Available in 4 different sizes but easily drilled out for a snug fit.

    Learn More
    From €0.45
  7. Ring Stainless Steel
    SKU: PRH210
    Ring Stainless Steel Learn More
    From €1.25
  8. Winch Cover
    SKU: P206
    Winch cover from Blue Performance, available in 9 different sizes. This cover comes straight from the Performance line Learn More
    From €28.40
  9. Shockcord Hook
    SKU: PRH779
    Shockcord Hook Learn More
    From €0.75
  10. XAS side mount set
    Replacement side fairings for XAS clutches (pair) Learn More
  11. XAS Service Kit (6mm-12mm)
    The complete service kit for your XAS clutches Learn More
  12. XA side mount set
    Replacement XA clutch sides (pair) Learn More
  13. XAS Handle
    Replacement handle for XAS clutches Learn More
  14. XAS Base 6-12mm
    SKU: XASBASE0612
    Replacement base for XAS and XA clutches Learn More
  15. XAS Base 4-8mm
    SKU: XASBASE0408
    Replacement or upgrade base for XA or XAS clutches Learn More
  16. XAS & XA Spring Arm
    SKU: SA29
    Replacement spring arm for XA and XAS clutches Learn More
  17. XA automatic handle
    SKU: SA16
    XA Clutch Replacement Handle Learn More
  18. XC / XCS Cam 12-16mm
    SKU: CAMXCS1216B
    CAM upgrade for 12mm – 16mm lines. Suitable for XCS and XC powerclutches only. Supplied complete with replacement mouldings and bullseyes. Learn More
  19. XAS & XA CAM
    Replacement CAM for XA and XAS clutches Learn More
  20. XT / XTS / XC / XCS lift-up Cam 12-14mm Lock Open
    SKU: CAM1214L
    XTS/XCS Cam Module (lock-up Version) for 12-14mm. Learn More

Items 1-20 of 137

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