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  1. 29mm Carbo stand-up block
    SKU: HK349
    The 29 mm Harken Carbo stand-up block can be used for lines up to 8mm. This block has a max working load of 150 kg, a breaking load of 454 kg and weighs just 31 grams. Learn More
    €30.20 €30.20
  2. 40mm Carbo stand-up block
    SKU: HK2652
    This Harken 40 mm Carbo stand-up block is suitable for sheeting systems of small boats and trim lines for big boats. Use a max. line of 10 mm. It has a safe workload of 220 kg, a breaking strength of 735 kg and it weighs 48 gram. Learn More
    €47.20 €47.20
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