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  1. 75mm Carbo Cheek Ratchet block
    SKU: HK2672
    Carbo Ratchets allow sailors to hand-hold loaded lines and offer balance between holding power and controlled easing. Learn More
    €103.00 €103.00
  2. 75mm Carbo cheek block with automatic ratchet block
    SKU: HK2682
    Harken 75 mm Carbo cheek block with automatic ratchet block. Great block for big boats, mainly used for sheeting systems and trim lines. Can be used for lines up to 12 mm and weighs 184 gram. Has a max workload of 341 kg and a breaking strength of 1361 kg. Learn More
    €175.50 €175.50
  3. 57mm Aluminium Footblock - Lockoff
    SKU: HK3221
    Use footblocks to redirect lines on the deck. Footblocks with lockoffs temporarily secure sheets.  Learn More
    €330.00 €330.00
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