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  1. 29mm Carbo cheek block
    SKU: HK350
    The 29 mm Harken Carbo cheek block can be used for lines up to 8mm. This block has a max working load of 150 kg, a breaking load of 454 kg and weighs just 17 grams. Learn More
    €17.80 €17.80
  2. Bullet Block Wire Cheek
    SKU: HK109
    Low-friction Bullet blocks lead control lines aft. They are compact and lightweight, with fast trim and release under high or low loads. A range of styles lets these blocks adapt to almost all control line applications. Wire Bullet blocks use roller bearings to carry higher loads and feature hardcoat-anodized PTFE impregnated aluminum sheaves for strength and corrosion resistance. Learn More
    €31.80 €31.80
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