Premiumropes offers a wide range of shackles: both stainless steel and soft shackles of Dyneema®. Brands are: Harken, Wichard, Tylaska, Ronstan. The Wichard and Tylaska shackles are high-end shackles. Wichard has been the hardware sailing specialist for the last 30 years. These shackles are made in France of high quality 316L stainless steel. Whether you are a cruiser, racer, in big and in small boats, Wichard produces reliable hardware which will exceed your expectation. Wichard has a wide range of shackles, snap shackles and quick release shackles to suit all your needs for your boat. Tylaska shackles are iconic and the standard on racing yachts. These are the ultimate top range and well worth the investment. It is unique that you can release Tylaska snap shackles under high pressure.

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  1. Snap Shackle with Swivel Eye
    SKU: WR247S
    Wichard snap shackle with a swivel eye. Available in 3 sizes: 70mm, 90mm and 120mm. Learn More
    From €58.49 €58.49
  2. Snap Shackle with Fixed Eye
    SKU: WR247F
    Wichard snap shackle with a fixed eye Learn More
    From €29.50 €29.50
  3. Snap Shackle 'Quick Release'
    SKU: WR267
    Wichard Quick release snap shackle with swivel. Learn More
    From €72.99 €72.99
  4. Snap Shackle 'Speedlink' with Swivel Eye
    SKU: WR265
    Wichard Speedlink - the new snapshackle Learn More
    From €149.95 €149.95
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