Harken winches are of the best quality possible. We sell both self-tailing and plain top winches. Also do not forget to order a winch handle, winch service kit and winch cover. Can't find what you are looking for? Please contact us.

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  1. Pawl Oil
    SKU: HKBK4521
    Harken pawl oil can only be used on the pawls and springs in the winches. You should service your winches at least once during the preseason. However, twice a season is best if your boat lives in salt water. Learn More
    €16.10 €16.10
  2. Lock-In Handle Service Kit
    SKU: HKBK4517
    Harken lock-in handle service kit. With this service kit you can replace the back plastic handle that locks and unlock the winch handle in the socket of the winch. Learn More
    €24.20 €24.20
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