Synthetic and steel wire ropes for the industry

Custom-made per industry

We are the supplier of synthetic and steel wire ropes for industrial purposes. For industrial rigging we develop and produce every type of synthetic rope and steel wire rope. We deliver on a spool or custom-made. If required, we also provide the required certification. Are you looking for a specific solution or do you have questions about applications of synthetic ropes and steel wire ropes for the industry you are working in? Please contact us on +3120 - 4196412 or email us.

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Ropes for the industry

Premiumropes has its roots in the maritime industry. In yacht rigging we have seen a shift from steel wire rope to ropes made of synthetic super fibres. A similar breakthrough is about to happen in industrial rigging. Synthetic fibres like HMPE are gaining ground over steelwire . Examples of HMPE fibres are Dyneema® and Stirotex®. We are experts in both synthetic ropes and steelwire constructions. We love to work with you on solutions that work for your company. We have for example supplied synthetic ropes of Dyneema® fibres for swimming pools. These ropes replaced the stainless steel construction. A great advantage of HMPE fibres is their resistance to chemicals.

We are experts in both synthetic ropes and steelwire rope constructions. That’s why our technical team adds value when working together with you on the best solution for your project.

Ropes for the maritime industry

The maritime industry uses a lot of ropes and especially Dyneema® products. Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel. Ropes with Dyneema® fibres are easy to handle and to splice. This saves time and money in your supply chain. In addition, working with ropes is a lot safer than steel. Ropes break - unlike steel cable - linear and without recoil. This is a lot safer for the staff.

Our ropes are used for lifting work. But also for towing and mooring boats. They often replace steel cables and rigging on oil platforms and drilling platforms.

Ropes for architecture

Ropes are used within architecture for many purposes. We work together with many architectural firms. We also make tailor-made rope curtains as room divider.

Ropes for the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, ropes are predominantly used as towing cables for 4x4 jeeps. Where in the past steel cable was used, it is nowadays almost all Dyneema® fibres. These ropes are safer, more durable and lighter.

Types of ropes and their applications

Types of synthetic ropeRope features and applications for the industry

HMPE fibres

Brandnames of HMPE fibres are for example: Dyneema®, Spectra and Stirotex. We supply Dyneema® in a couple of varieties: SK38, SK75, SK78 and SK99. Ropes made of HMPE fibres are excellent to replace steelwire. HMPE has hardly any stretch and is twice as strong as polyester ropes. The mechanical features are not affected by chemicals, UV and seawater.


Vectran is slightly weaker than Dyneema®, but does not suffer from creep (stretch under static high load). Vectran is five times stronger than steel at comparable thickness. The rope hardly stretches (1.8%) and is very smooth in use. The disadvantage of Vectran is the poor UV resistance. The rope must therefore always be used with a protective cover.
PBO A brandname of PBO (Polybenzobisoxazole) is for example: Zylon. PBO has the least stretch of all ropes, very large breaking load and hardly any creep (stretch under static high load). heeft de minste rek van alle lijnen, heeft een zeer grote trekkracht en zeer weinig kruip (rek onder continue hoge belasting). Moreover, the melting point is very high.
Polyester Polyester is sold under the brand names Dacron, Terylene, Tiptolest and Spunolest. A polyester rope is an economic choice and has in many cases enough functionality. These ropes have little stretch and that can just be needed for your purpose. 
Polypopreen Polypropene (also polypropylene) is a synthetic fibre with poor durability. Ropes of polypropene are rought and therefore feel nice in your hand. Besides that they stay afloat. Polypropene is not as strong as polyester, but is much cheaper to produce. Qualities differ a lot. The strength (and price) decrease when no UV treatment has been applied. 

Wire ropes for the industry

Premiumropes is supplier of many types of wire ropes and has a wide assortment of rigging screws and terminals. Besides the maritime yacht industry we also supply wire ropes and total constructions to many other industries. We produce and swage at our own location in Amsterdam. And we install constructions on location. We supply spools of wire ropes to the industry. In addition, we also supply wire rope tailor-made and swaged with rigging screws or terminals.

Premiumropes owns a special rigging table, accurate swage equipment and the experience to ensure the required accuracy! In some cases, wire rope can be replaced by Dyneema® and vice versa. The combination of our knowledge about wire ropes and high-end synthetic ropes makes the Premiumropes team the expert partner for you.

For questions about applications of synthetic ropes and wire ropes for the industry, please contact us on +3120 - 4196412 or info

Wire ropes for constructions

There are many constructions where steelwire is used for. Think for example about roof constructions, but also for facade and glass cleaning systems. Also for the architecture wire ropes are used for guard rails, safety nets and so-called 'green buildings'.

Types of wire ropes and their applications

In the table below you'll find the types of wire ropes we can supply and their features and applications.

Wire rope constructionWire ropes features and applications for industrial rigging

1x19 RVS AISI 316

Stiff and allround wire rope hat can be used for constructions that carry a long-term static load. Examples are: suspension and control cables, standing rigging. 

7x19 RVS AISI 316

Flexible wire rope that works relative well on sheaves. Also used for steering cables, standing rigging and blind systems. For lift and tow techniques there are wire rope constructions available with an even higher durabilty. 

1x7 Compact strand AISI 316

Comes in small diameters and is very stiff steel cable. Suitable for applications where a high breaking strength is important. 

The strands are swaged in the factury, which makes this wire rope very compact and strong. Our Compact strand is also extra polished, which gives it a nice shine. This polishing makes the steelwire less vulnerable to fly rust, because it does not attract dirt.

1x19 Compact strand AISI 316

Available in larger diameters and a very stiff and strong wire rope. Besides this, the features are the same of the 1x7 Compact strand wire rope.

6x36WS + IWRC AISI 316

Stainless wire rope with very high flexibility and durable against wear and tear on sheaves. Suited for steering cables or crane rigging.

7x7 with PVC AISI 316

Relatively flexible stainless wire rope with PVC cover. Used for guard rails, suspension and tensioning. Besides the white cover, other colours are also possible. Contact us for possibilities.

7x7 AISI 316

Relatively flexible stainless steelwire. Because of the rough structure is has a high appeal for architecture. This wire rope is used for many other purposes as well. 


Rod rigging is massive and thus more subject to shock load. The life time of rod rigging is therefore shorter (about 10 years) than wire rope (about 12-15 years) depending on the application and dimensions. Besides for rigging racing yachts, Rod rigging is also used in architecture and industry. Contact us for information and prices.

Do you have a specific project and are you looking for synthetic ropes or wire ropes for your industry, we would love to work with you. Contact us on +3120 - 4196412 or mail us at info

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