Synchro 60mm 3X2 Synchro Organiser

Lewmar plain bearing Synchro blocks are strong and boost sail performance. Ideal for halyards, mainsheets, mastbase blocks and boomvangs.
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Lewmar Synchro blocks have been designed to prioritize speed, efficiency, and exceptional handling. The Lewmar Synchro combines shape, a Free-Spin bearing, and a self-aligning head, resulting in a reasoble reduction in friction.
Every component in the Synchro blocks are synchronized with the rope's movement, ensuring a smoother and easier transfer of power from the deck to the sail while minimizing wear on your rope.

Key features include:
▪ Stainless steel strap for improved strength and longer service life
▪ Stiff glass fibre reinforced cheeks to prevent lines from wedging
▪ Simple switch to change from swivelling to fixed shackle

Plain bearing blocks, such as the Synchro blocks, are ideally suited for heavy and static loads in a variety of sailing applications, including:
Halyard Tuning: Achieve precise control and adjustments in your halyard systems.
Mainsheet Systems: Enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of your mainsheet operation.
Mast Foot Blocks: Ensure smooth and reliable movement at the base of the mast.
Mast Head Blocks: Attain optimal performance for your mast head rigging.
Boom Vang: Experience improved control and power distribution for your boom vang setup.
Count on Lewmar Synchro blocks to elevate your sailing experience with their cutting-edge engineering and performance-enhancing features.

More Information
Series Synchro
Model 60 mm
Sheaves Ø 60 mm
Number of sheaves 6
Bearing Plain bearing
Max rope diameter 0
Swivel Yes
Cam No
Ratchet No
Breaking Strength (kg) 7400
Safe Working Load (kg) 3700

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