Needles Set for Ropeworks and Sail Repair

Six very strong and sharp needles in five different sizes. Works very well for stitched whippings and suitable for various diameters of whipping twine as well as sail repairs.
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Set of six sewing needles for sail repair and ropework

These strong sailmaker needles are best for working with ropes, stitched whipping and other sewing jobs. Our rigger have tried various brands and models and chosen these needles as the best.

This Set of sailneedles contains six needles in five different sizes. That suits perfectly for stitched whippings on ropes and sewing cuts in a sail on board your vessel. Cleverly fixed in singles on a paper card, can be stored back after use. Needles are produced from strong stainless steel with a polished surface. These sailmaker needles are round to protect the ropes fibres and have long eyes to take in the whipping twine.

Which needles does this set contain?

Premiumropes is offering a set of six needles in five different sizes:

  • The smallest needles (two pieces) have a diameter of Ø1,2mm and are 61mm long. Super for thin whipping twine and fine sewing work. The 1mm twine from Premiumropes just fits into the eye.
  • The next size up is a Ø1,4mm needle with a length of 62,5mm is slightly stronger and does stitched whippings just fine with the 1mm twine.
  • The middle size needle is 65mm long at a diameter of Ø1,6mm.
  • The second biggest needle in this set with Ø1,8mm diameter and length of 69mm can also take thicker yarns or twine for whipping stronger ropes.
  • At Ø2,0mm in diameter the largest needle has a length of 75mm and takes waxed twin of 1,5mm trough the eye. This combination is used at Premiumropes to make stitched whippings on mooring ropes.