Main Halyard Eco Cruiser (10.5m / 35ft)

The Eco Cruiser is the shining result of our continuous development efforts combined with our sustainability goals. This rope is completely made from recycled plastics. An all-round braided rope from rPet yarns. This halyard (10mm / 35 meter) is spliced with halyard shackle and messenger loop. Complete and ready to go.
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The Eco Cruiser is a rope with unique features and beautiful modern colours. This modern type of rope is durable, flexible and very comfortable in handling. In terms of quality, this line offers the same quality as to the well-known polyester ropes that have been used in sailing for years. It is a reliable and durable which remains soft and flexible in use. The Eco Cruiser is UV-resistant, round and has a abrasion resistant cover. It is a complete and balanced rope and can therefore be used for various applications. For example, halyards and sheets, but in the thinner diameters also extremely suitable as a trim line.

rPet made from old plastic bottles
rPET is created by recycling plastics that were previously used as packaging materials. These include plastic bottles. Once collected, it is sorted and cleaned, and then transformed into rPET. The major benefit of rPet is the decrease of plastic waste that floats around in our oceans. rPet ropes contribute greatly to the efforts of cleaning up the oceans and reduces the amount of plastic waste.