Softlink Set - Base

Optimising your deck layout with Softlinks. Made from Low Friction Rings combined with a single braid rope made from Stirotex. Make your own Softlinks with this set.
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Premiumropes offers three complete DIY Softlinksets. These sets are great for learning how to splice Softlinks. It comes with splicing tools, pieces of ropes and Low Friction Rings. You also will receive an overview with links to the relevant instruction videos. This set is meant for sailors and owners of yachts, who want start making their own Softlinks.

This kit comes with:
1. D-SPLICER fixed F-15
2. Whipping twine
3. Needles
4. S-Core 4mm
5. S-Core 5mm
6. 1 x Low Friction Ring 10x7
7. 1 x Low Friction Ring 14x10