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  1. Low Friction Rings
    SKU: PRH130
    Low Friction rings are simple aluminum rings which can be spliced into lines. They are used to deflect sheets and control lines or for lashings. They are made of high strength aluminum. Available in 6 different sizes. Learn More
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  2. Dockline - Ready Made
    SKU: PRR906

    Application: Mooring

    UV resistant polyester rope with a long service life. Ready made with eye splice.

    Learn More
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  4. S Core
    SKU: PRR350
    Application: Control line, Back stay
    Rope of 100% Stirotex fibers without cover. Stronger then steel and stretch free! Learn More
    €1.05 €1.05
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    Rope Fid Small
    SKU: PRH82001
    The rope fid is a great tool you can use while splicing rope, available in two different sizes. Learn More
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    20mm Plain Bearing Block with Strap
    SKU: SE40200101R
    PLAIN BEARING BLOCKS Great performance in applications with heavy and static loads. Available in 20, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 100 mm sheave diameters. Learn More
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    Clam Cleat with Fair Lead 3-6mm
    SKU: CL211MK1
    The Clamcleat® CL211 Mk1 Racing Junior is a very strong alloy cleat. The fairlead guides the rope into the teeth. Learn More
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    Carabiner Closed 10mm
    SKU: PRH11210
    Stainless steel carabiner, made out of marine grade 316 stainless steel. Learn More
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  12. OS Series 11 - Sailors Watch
    SKU: VOS112
    This OS Series 11 Sailors watch has all the functions you would like when you are sailing Learn More
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  13. Iris 50 Handbearing Compass
    SKU: A63
    The Plastimo icon, equally suitable as handbearing or course compass. Shockproof and water + sandproof. Learn More
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  14. Offshore Knife - serrated blade
    SKU: WR10122
    This Offshore knife from Wichard has a remarkable cutting power and outstanding corrosion resistance. It enables you to cut easily to all types of modern ropes. This knife is the perfect gift for any occasion and a must-have item for every sailor. Learn More
    €39.80 €39.80
  15. Eco Dock
    SKU: PRR216

    Application: Dockline

    The Premium Ropes Eco Dock is our first rope made from 100% recycled plastic. This dockline is braided with rPet yarns. These are made from the waste of the most common type of plastic Pet. The Eco Dock is perfect for mooring, docking but also anchoring. It has great elongation characteristics that protects your boat from rough weather conditions.

    Learn More
    €2.60 €2.60
  16. Praxishandbuch Spleissen
    SKU: PRH90205
    German version of 'Splicing modern ropes - a practical handbook' - by Jan-Willem Polman.


    Das Praxishandbuch Spleissen hat sich schnell zum weltweit üblichen Lehrbuch für das Spleißen von geflochtenen Seilen entwickelt. Alle Techniken werden in über 450 hochauflösenden Fotos behandelt. Das Buch beginnt mit Hintergrundinformationen zu Seilmaterialien und Konstruktionen.
    Fotos behandelt. Das Buch beginnt mit Hintergrundinformationen zu Seilmaterialien und Konstruktionen.
    Learn More
    €29.00 €29.00
  17. Tension Gauges professional

    For 2,5mm - 10mm shrouds - Most Popular model

    Use a Loos Tension Gauges to setup your rig with the right tension and repeat the right settings of your standard rigging every time again.

    Learn More
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  18. Rod Rigging Gauge
    We offer a series of gauges to measure the tension in rods from .172 to .375 inch in diameter over a range of approximately 5% to 25% of the breaking strength of the rod and provide an accuracy of + or - 5%. Learn More
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  19. Tension Gauges standard
    SKU: LC9
    The Loos economy tension gauge takes the guesswork out of cable tension adjustment. Learn More
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