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Dockline ready made - 100% Polyester

It’s important to keep your yacht safe in the harbour. However choosing the right mooring lines can be challenging. We recommend to choose a dockline which is developed for strength, easy handling and to have a high abrasion resistance. 

Premium Ropes offers a selection ready-made Docklines. A reliable, UV resistant, rope with long service life, during which it retains its softness and flexibility. 

All these product are spliced and ready to go. Available in black, navy and white/black. 

Off course it is also possible to buy the ready made Dockline per piece. You will then receive a 15% discount. Click on this link to go to the right page.

BUY 4 PAY 3 


Yacht length - 8 m / 26ft

Yacht length - 10 m / 33ft

Yacht length - 12 m / 39ft

Yacht length - 14 m / 46ft

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  1. Fenderline - Ready Made
    SKU: PRR907

    Application: Fenderline

    24 plait single braid polyester ready made line for fenders.

    Available in 2 colors and 3 diameters.

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    From €7.45 €7.45
  2. Dockline - Ready Made
    SKU: PRR906

    Application: Mooring

    UV resistant polyester rope with a long service life. Ready made with eye splice.

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    From €12.50 €12.50
  3. Cruiser 16
    SKU: PRR219

    Application: Sheet, Control line

    Cruiser 16 is a double braided rope. Both core and cover are made of high quality 16 strands braided HT polyester. This rope is easy to splice, durable, flexible and easy to handle. Very good for sheets and control lines.

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    €1.05 €1.05
  4. Trimstar
    SKU: PRR210

    Application: Dinghy halyard, Control line

    Trimstar is the choice for dinghy sailors who require performance and a affordable price.

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    From €0.59 €0.59
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