Kingsday in the Netherlands

Wednesday April 27th 2022


For a small country, we celebrate the birthday of our king BIG! Premium Ropes or 'Royal Ropes' (if only for this one special day) opens her own 'virtual flea market' for Kingsday.  Come and have a look at our selection of products, that could now be your stuff at a royal discount. For instance our P-Sheet in a beautiful Royal Blue colour. Very soft to the touch and sure to give your yacht a majestic look. Or the beautiful orange Top Cruiser K-mix. A sheet made for Kings!


Virtual flea market

We will give you a discount of 15% that will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart. Please note: offer applies as long as stock last!


Dockline ready made - Buy 4 Pay 3

Spliced and ready to go. Available in black, navy and white/black.

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  1. Tension Gauges professional

    For 2,5mm - 10mm shrouds - Most Popular model

    Use a Loos Tension Gauges to setup your rig with the right tension and repeat the right settings of your standard rigging every time again.

    Learn More
    From €175.00 €175.00
  2. Rod Rigging Gauge
    We offer a series of gauges to measure the tension in rods from .172 to .375 inch in diameter over a range of approximately 5% to 25% of the breaking strength of the rod and provide an accuracy of + or - 5%. Learn More
    From €755.00 €755.00
  3. Tension Gauges standard
    SKU: LC9
    The Loos economy tension gauge takes the guesswork out of cable tension adjustment. Learn More
    From €122.50 €122.50
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