Kingsday in the Netherlands

Tuesday April 27th 2021


For a small country, we celebrate the birthday of our king BIG! The 2021 edition of Kingsday will be an exceptional one to say the least. No King and Queen on tour in the country, no old fashioned children’s games and we can’t turn the whole country into one big flea market. Luckily we are a resourceful bunch here in our little corner of the world. There are many ‘online’ initiatives to turn our country into our national colour orange on this usually very festive day, even though staying at home. 

Premium Ropes or 'Royal Ropes' (if only for this one special day) opens her own 'virtual flea market' for Kingsday.  Come and have a look at our selection of products, that could now be your stuff at a royal discount. For instance our P-Sheet in a beautiful Royal Blue colour. Very soft to the touch and sure to give your yacht a majestic look. Or the beautiful orange Top Cruiser K-mix. A sheet made for Kings!


Virtual flea market

We will give you a discount of 15% that will be automatically deducted from your shopping cart. Please note: offer applies as long as stock last!



Dockline ready made - Buy 4 Pay 3

Spliced and ready to go. Available in black, navy and white/black.

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  1. Dockline - Ready Made
    SKU: PRR906

    Application: Mooring

    UV resistant polyester rope with a long service life. Ready made with eye splice.

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  2. Cruiser 16
    SKU: PRR219

    Application: Sheet, Control line

    Cruiser 16 is a double braided rope. Both core and cover are made of high quality 16 strands braided HT polyester. This rope is easy to splice, durable, flexible and easy to handle. Very good for sheets and control lines.

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  3. D-Control
    SKU: PRR411
    Application: Control line
    D-Control is an excellent trim line for dinghy sailors. Economic high-performance rope made from Dyneema® fibers and a polyester cover. High strength, low elongation and good abrasion resistance.
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  4. Trimstar
    SKU: PRR210
    Application: Dinghy halyard, Control line
    Trimstar is the choice for dinghy sailors who require performance and a affordable price.
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