Rigging screws

Rigging screws

Rigging screws for wire rope railing, stays and rods can generally be divided into two main categories:

Stainless steel rigging screws

Usually with metric thread and are a more economic solution. These stainless steel wire rope in a stainless steel body are significantly more sensitive to seizing up. When that happens, the thread is damaged. Incidentally that can lead to the extreme situation that the thread and rigging screw are cold welded together. 

Bronze chrome open house rigging screws

These rigging screws are self-lubricating and have finer UNF thread. This significantly increases the lifespan of the rigging screw. These rigging screws typically have a toggle at the bottom. That way the system self-aligns itself under dynamic load. 

Do you want to replace the standing rigging on your boat? Whether you want bring by the stays or order them online, it is important to determine the exact dimensions. Make sure to mark the current position of the rigging screws. The easiest way to do this is to wind PVC tape on the stud tightly against the rigging screw, then the tensioner can be loosened and the tape marks the position. In case your rigging screws have an open house, you can also measure the distance between the two studs in the rigging screw with a caliper. 

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