Swage terminals

Swage terminals

Terminals can be used for yacht rigging and industrial and architectural purposes. Below, you will find a wide selection of swage terminals. These terminals require professional swaging machinery to attach them to wire rope.Our riggers can do this for you. Examples of our rigging terminals are: stemball, toggle, fork and eye terminals. We are happy to advise you on which terminal to chose for your application. We sell swage terminals from various brands, such as Blue Wave, Sta-Lok, Petersen and Selden. When the terminal you need is not listed on our website please contact us. We sell to both consumers and wholesale.

You can either buy terminals as parts or select them to be swaged to wire rope by us. Our riggers are happy to assist you in your choice.

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  1. Swage Stemball Terminal
    Swage Stemballs from Petersen are forged from low carbon stainless steel AISI 316L and is incredibly strong. Petersen swage stemballs can be used with many different wire-rope constructions. Learn More
    From €17.55 €17.55
  2. Cup for Stemball Terminal
    SKU: BW6262
    The Blue Wave Stemball Cups can be used in the combination with Blue Wave Stemball Terminals. It has an inside radius covering most of the stemball terminals. Learn More
    From €2.95 €2.95
  3. Cup for Stemball Terminal
    SKU: SE3065
    Seldén Stemball Cups Stainless Steel AISI 316, used in combination with Seldén Stemball terminals Learn More
    From €4.10 €4.10
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