Swageless terminals

You can attach a swageless terminal with regular tools. No professional swaging machinery is needed. These self-fit terminals are therefore very useful for assembly to wire rope on site. We sell swageless terminals from Sta-Lok. Are you preparing for a long passage? Then it could be a good idea to take some swageless terminals on board. The connection is as strong as a swaged terminal. 

Installation: Watch our tuturial video below how to install a swageless Sta-Lok terminal. The cable has its outer layers wrapped around a metal cone. The core of the wire rope runs through a hole in the middle of said cone. The whole assembly sits inside a conical outer body. When the cable is in axial tension, the action is such that the cone and wire are drawn further into the conical bore of the outer body resulting in a large reaction load. This load grips the wire and prevents further movement.

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  1. Swageless Toggle Fork Terminal
    SKU: ST050
    Sta-Lok Self Fit Terminal, the reusable alternative to swage. Quick and easy to install. Only basic hand tools required. No pre measurement required. Guaranteed stronger than wire rope. Learn More
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