The Premiumropes rigging team has extensive experience in yacht rigging. We make rigging to your specifications in our own workshop in Amsterdam. Our riggers also travel around the world to work on site. Please contact us to discuss the best option for your sailing yacht. 

We advise to replace yacht rigging at least every 15 years. Make sure to inspect the rigging every year thoroughly to be ahead of bigger problems. Yacht managers of super yachts can best contact us directly for a project quote. Read here more about our mega yacht refit projects.

The Premiumropes team is looking forward to work on your yacht!

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  1. Hand Swager 1.5-5mm
    SKU: LC1SC
    Eye, lap and stop sleeve splicing of cables are made sure and easy with the new handswagers. Learn More
    €612.50 €612.50
  2. Cable cutter Hydraulic max 16mm
    SKU: LCHC16
    Portable , lightweight, and made to last years under the toughest field conditions. Learn More
    €1,750.00 €1,750.00
  3. Cable cutter
    SKU: LCC
    Reliable: unbreakable hardened handles made of forged aluminium with a lifetime guarantee Learn More
    From €71.50 €71.50
  4. Tension Gauges professional

    For 2,5mm - 10mm shrouds - Most Popular model

    Use a Loos Tension Gauges to setup your rig with the right tension and repeat the right settings of your standard rigging every time again.

    Learn More
    From €165.95 €165.95
  5. Rod Rigging Gauge
    We offer a series of gauges to measure the tension in rods from .172 to .375 inch in diameter over a range of approximately 5% to 25% of the breaking strength of the rod and provide an accuracy of + or - 5%. Learn More
    From €714.95 €714.95
  6. Tension Gauges standard
    SKU: LC9
    The Loos economy tension gauge takes the guesswork out of cable tension adjustment. Learn More
    From €115.95 €115.95
  7. Former
    SKU: ST115
    Suitable for use with all wire constructions. Learn More
    From €3.45 €3.45
  8. Sail chafe protector (pair)
    SKU: WR4107

    It protects the sails and minimizes the risks of snaggings.

    Pack of 2 piece.

    Learn More
    €21.00 €21.00
  9. Lifeline hook
    SKU: WR283
    Automatic locking lifeline hook
    Only takes one hand to operate
    Learn More
    From €33.25 €33.25
  10. Thread T terminal, left hand thread
    SKU: BW0361
    T-terminal with UNF left hand thread for rigging screws. Learn More
    From €28.75 €28.75
  11. Thread eye, left hand thread
    SKU: BW0339
    Eye with UNF left hand thread for rigging screws. Learn More
    From €6.20 €6.20
  12. Thread toggle, left hand thread
    SKU: BW0333
    Toggle with UNF left hand thread and pin for rigging screws. Learn More
    From €20.25 €20.25
  13. Thread fork welded, left hand thread
    SKU: BW0313
    Welded fork with UNF left hand thread and pin for rigging screws. Learn More
    From €10.65 €10.65
  14. Chromed bronze body
    SKU: BW0113
    This Blue Wave Chromed Bronze Body features a number of details that makes it the best choice for exclusive and durable rigging. Learn More
    From €28.50 €28.50
  15. Plug for backplate (6161..)
    Plug for Blue Wave backing plates Learn More
    From €3.45 €3.45
  16. Threaded ball for wire, left hand thread
    SKU: BWBT000A
    Stemball with UNF left hand thread and pin for rigging screws. Learn More
    From €39.25 €39.25
  17. Back plate for T-Terminal
    SKU: BW6161
    Backing plates for Blue Wave T-terminals. Manufactured from high polished 316 stainless steel. Learn More
    From €7.70 €7.70
  18. Wire cutter W18
    SKU: PRH82802
    The D-SPLICER W18 wire cutter easily cuts throught wire rope up to 5mm. Learn More
    €49.95 €49.95
  19. Guard Rail Single Eye
    SKU: PRH435
    Eye for short stud used for guard rail fixation. Fixation is done with a rope lash. The benefit of this construction is that it can be cut in case of an emergency. Learn More
    From €5.50 €5.50
  20. Swage Eye Terminal
    SKU: PRH422
    Eye terminals are engraved with the wire size and swage depth, making them easier to work with and to press or swage onto the wire. Eyes are mainly used as an attachment to rigging screws or forks. Learn More
    From €3.65 €3.65
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