10 - Backstay (runner)

Depending on your sailing boat, there are two different situations:

1) The actual backstay takes the total load without gear. These lines should have high strength low elongation. A single braided Dyneema® SK78 (our D-core) or SK99 is recommended. We also have this rope with extra grip: D-grip.

2) Control lines that run through blocks, with a gear ratio e.g. 1:4 provide less rope tension and less influence of rope elongation. For dinghies we recommend our SSR, SSR light or D-Cup Kmix.

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  1. Cruiser XTS
    SKU: PRR220
    Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line
    This rope has a top quality high tenacity polyester core combined with a smoothy braided polyester cover. This rope will ensure excellent grip and makes it ideal for halyards/ sheets and control lines.
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