7 - Outhaul

Depending on the boat, there are two different situations:

1) Control lines that run through blocks, with a gear ratio (e.g. 1:4) damping the effect of rope tension and elongation on sail trim. Here good grip, some flexibility are important to easily handle the outhaul. Our ropes with grip, like the SSR and SSR light are often used by dinghy sailors.

2) Lines in systems, often taking the total load (so without gear). These lines should have high strength and low elongation to ensure good a sail trim: sail stays flat with increasing winds. We recommend ropes with a core of Dyneema® such as D-Cup or SSC.

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  1. SSR Light
    SKU: PRR418
    Application: Sheet, Control line
    SSR LIGHT is a lightweight sheet or trimline. Due to the core the line stays round.
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