4 - Main sheet

Important rope characteristics for your main sheet are: weight, flexibility and grip. The main sheet runs through blocks (with gear ratio) damping the effect of rope tension and elongation on sail trim. However low elongation, weight and flexibility ensure that your sail remains trimmed during races. If heat develops around winches, you may want to consider a rope with Technora cover.

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  1. DX Trim
    SKU: PRR410
    Application: Dinghy halyard, Control line
    DX Trim is a high performance rope with Dyneema® fibers for dinghy sailors. Very stiff and round line with a great durability. Learn More
  2. DX Cup Grip
    SKU: PRR432
    Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line
    This ultra high performance regatta rope, has a core made of coated Dyneema® Sk78 fibers and special cover. The cover is a mix of HT Polyester and special fiber, providing an unmatched grip, soft feel and durability. Other features: Suitable for splicing and tapering, very low stretch, light weight. Excellent for control lines, sheets and spi-halyards Learn More

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