Anchor ropes

An anchor rope should sink and have enough stretch. These are the ropes we advise to use for anchor rodes. It works best to splice this rope to a few metre anchor chain. In our splicing instruction videos we show how to splice twisted ropes and braided ropes. Want advice how long an anchor rode should be? Read here.

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  1. 8-Strand Polyester
    SKU: PRR204
    Application: Mooring, Anchoring
    Square plaited HT continuous filament polyester. Available in white, navy blue and black. Outstanding UV stability, remains flexible throughout its usable life.
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  2. P-Classic
    SKU: PRR201
    Application: Mooring, Anchoring, Fenderline
    Excellent UV and abrasion resistance, can withstand the most severe conditions. Easy to splice, retains softness during entire life span.
    Good choice for anchoring and mooring, nice classic and traditional look.
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  3. Dockline
    SKU: PRR206
    Application:Mooring, Anchoring, Fenderline
    Dockline was developed for outstanding strength, easy handling and to have a high abrasion resistance. This rope is perfect for mooring, docking but also anchoring. It has superb elongation characteristics that protects your boat from rough weather conditions. Please indicate when splicing is required.
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