Mooring ropes

We explain in the video how to select the right mooring ropes.

8 m / 26ft10 mm14 mm
10 m / 33ft12 mm16 mm
12 m / 39ft14 mm18 mm
14 m / 46ft16mm20 mm
16 m / 53ft18 mm22 mm
19 m / 62ft20 mm24 mm

What are important properties for mooring ropes?

Mooring lines come in many shapes and sizes. To safely dock the boat, it is important that you choose the right mooring lines. It is important that your mooring line is strong and abrasion resistant. Also, a rope for a mooring line should contain stretch. This way, shock loads are absorbed by the mooring line and the ship is docked properly.

What constructions and materials are there for mooring ropes?

Premiumropes has a choice of polyester and polypropylene mooring ropes. A polyester dockline has a higher quality than a dockline made from polypropylene. A polyester mooring line is hard-wearing, strong and remains flexible. Polyester mooring lines sink. A mooring line made of polypropylene is usually cheaper, makes noise under load and floats. The most popular mooring lines are braided or are made in the classic 3-strand construction. For thicker mooring lines, the 8-strand construction is also often used.

Custom-made to order or ready-made mooring lines?

The ready-made Dockline from Premiumropes is strong and abrasion resistant. These mooring lines come in standard lengths with an eye splice. It is also possible to order custom-made mooring lines. You can easily specify the desired length so that the boat is always perfectly moored. We can also provide your mooring line with an extra protective cover for places where it might chafe. Or we can add stainless steel eyes, mooring snubbers and all other extras.

What length should my mooring lines be?

For mooring lines we advise to take one-and-a-half times the boat length. Of course, this also depends on your personal preference. Often you would have at least two mooring lines of one-and-a-half times the boat length and two mooring lines of one boat length on board. Click here to see our advise for rope lengths

How thick should my mooring line be?

Want to know what diameter to choose for your mooring lines? The table shows our guidelines for the diameters of mooring lines. Mooring ropes made of polypropylene are weaker and need to be thicker. Mooring ropes of polyester or polyamide can be slightly thinner. If you have a boat that is significantly heavier than average, make sure to choose a thicker diameter mooring line as well.  

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    Dockline was developed for outstanding strength, easy handling and to have a high abrasion resistance. This rope is perfect for mooring, docking but also anchoring. It has superb elongation characteristics that protects your boat from rough weather conditions. Please indicate when splicing is required.

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