Snap Shackle 'Speedlink' with Swivel Eye

Wichard Speedlink - the new snapshackle
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A modern Design

Speedlink was developed using finite element analysis software and has an optimised design. Its shape, cut-outs and ribs make it extremely light and give it one of the best strenght/weight ratios on the market.

Which size do you need?
74mm - suitable for 6 - 8mm rope (20 - 30ft boats)
87mm - suitable for 8 - 12mm rope (24 - 36ft boats)
108mm - suitable for 12 - 16mm rope (30 - 50ft boats)
134mm - suitable for 50 - 70ft boats

More Information
Model Swivel
Shackle type Snap shackle
Breaking Strength (kg) 670