Splicing Kit - PRO

Premiumropes offers a range of splicing kits, this one is for splicing fans . It includes a complete set Selma splicing needles, D-Splicer Fixed F20, special scissors for Dyneema ropes, D-Splicer set A4, 2 Soft Fids, Ceramic knife C20, whipping twine, sailing needles, splicing tape and some practice ropes. Choose if you want a splicing book or not.
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Premiumropes offers three complete DIY splicing kits. The kits are great for learning how to splice braided ropes. It comes with pieces of ropes to practice and you will receive an overview with links to the relevant instruction videos.
This kit is meant for those who are on their way to become professionals and want to be able to splice all kind of ropes.

This kit comes with:
1. D-Splicer Fixed F20
2. Selma Set - 4 splicing needles
3. D-Splicer D16 scissors for super fibre ropes
4. D-Splicer set A4 with repleacable needles
5. Needles
6. Splicing tape
7. Whipping twine
8. Rope for practicing various splices
9. Soft Fid S4
10. Soft Fid S8
11. Ceramic knife C20

You can choose the option to order our splicing instruction book.