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Do you want to make an eye-splice yourself? Premiumropes carries the most complete range of rope splicing products of brands like D-SPLICER and Selma. All used and tested daily by our own riggers.

We also sell splicing kits with tools and ropes to start practising right away!

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  1. D-Splicer Fixed
    SKU: PRH804

    The D-Splicer Fixed is an easy to use splicing tool for (yachting) ropes. It is designed to work in situations where existing needles don't work. The unique double needle clamps your line and makes it easy to pull through.

    Learn More
    From €15.50
  2. Scissors D16
    SKU: PRH82703
    Dyneema® is the one of the hardest fabric to cut with a pair of scissors. The D-16 scissors are the best pair of scissors we have tested and are a high performance pair of scissors for a sharp price. Learn More
  3. Scissors D20
    SKU: PRH82704
    The big brother of the D16 Scissors. Cuts easily through the toughest fibres like Dyneema®, Vectran, Aramid and Stirotex. Learn More
  4. Ceramic Knife
    SKU: PRH825
    Dyneema®, Stirotex, Kevlar and vectran are the hardest fibers to cut. This ceramic knife handles these fibers with ease and stays sharp. Learn More
    From €19.95
  5. D-Splicer Soft Fid
    SKU: PRH808
    The D-Splicer Soft Fid is a strong and easy to use splicing fid for ropes. Learn More
    From €17.95
  6. D-Splicer Kit A4
    SKU: PRH80101
    D-SPLICER splicing needle is ideal for thin ropes (<4mm) splicing techniques. An anodized aluminium handle and four stainless steel needles. The needles come in two sizes. The D-SPLICER comes in a handy tube for easy storage. Learn More
  7. Whipping Twine No 4 0.8mm - 40m
    SKU: M3804
    Marlow waxed whipping twine Learn More
    From €6.50
  8. Splicing Tape D-Splicer
    SKU: PRH83501
    Use this special tape when you are splicing ropes Learn More

8 Items

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