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Advanced Splicing Courses by Premium Ropes

After a successful first series of the Webinar: Splicing Modern Ropes, we now present the "Advanced Splicing Webinars". In three different webinars we will continue to learn how to splice modern ropes.
This time we will cover the more difficult splices! Of course, we will also show you all the insider tips & tricks during the webinar. So sign up quickly!


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We recommend these courses for those who already have basic knowledge of ropes, materials and splicing techniques. We advise to follow the Webinars: Splicing Modern Ropes first.

We will charge a small fee of € 25,00 for each webinar to cover all the costs. For this you will get:

- All the necessary ropes to participate
- An extensive and interactive webinar with background information and advice.
- All the tips and tricks
- A sneak peek in the workshop of the pro’s


Signing up for the webinars is very easy. Just order one of the Registration kits if you want to participate in one or all webinars. We will send you a personal invitation to the webinar by email and we will ship the ropes to your address.


You can follow each webinar individually, but if you want to attend all three, you do not pay € 75,-, but only € 65,-. Please note, you will have to register for all three webinars at once.

Refund registration fee

It is also possible to get this participation fee refunded. If you purchase ropes for at least € 500,- all at once, we will refund your registration fee in full. For this however, you must have followed all webinars actively. The refund is valid until the end of the year. 

Splicing tools

During the webinar we will use all the splicing tools which are in the Splicing Kit Pro.



Advanced Splicing Webinar A1
March 4th 2021 19:00 (UTC +1)

Constructions and materials advanced 
Covered Eye splice in Dyneema ropes
Tapering Dyneema Ropes
           Registration kit A1

Advanced Splicing Webinar A2 
March 9th 2021 19:00 (UTC +1)
High performance sheets and halyards explained
Joining two single braid ropes
Splicing in an extra protection cover
Registration kit A2

Advanced Splicing Webinar A3
March 11th 2021 19:00 (UTC +1)

Determining lengths and sizes of loops
Loop with cover
Continuous Loops (furling lines)
Registration kit A3

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