Webinar Splicing modern ropes

 Webinar Splicing modern ropes

Webinar Splicing modern ropes

Complete training splicing modern ropes 

Complete training splicing modern ropes

Free of charge

Complete training splicing modern ropes

Opportunity to ask questions

opportunity to ask

Follow the webinar from a PC, laptop or tablet

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Webinar part 1

Tuesday 12th May at 19.00 (UTC+2)


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Webinar part 2

 Tuesday 19th May at 19.00 (UTC +2)

Premium Ropes introduces a new online Webinar: Splicing Modern Ropes. In two separate webinars we explain the various materials and rope constructions of modern ropes. We will also explain which rope to choose for a specific application.

Even though this is an online event, the webinar is very much about ‘Doing It Yourself’. You will learn how to splice halyards made from Dyneema® or Stirotex fibres and double braided polyester ropes. We also explain how to make softshackles. All splices will be demonstrated step-by-step and you will have plenty of time to follow the instructions. During the webinar there are opportunities to ask questions.

The webinar will be free of charge. You will need however a computer with internet connection, splicing tools and the right ropes to practise. We made a Webinar Rope set containing all the ropes you’ll need during the webinar. The Splicing set Webinar is for those who need the Rope set and the splicing tools.


Splicing set Webinar or Rope set Webinar


Required material Webinar

D-Splicer Fixed F-15

2 meter S-Cup

Dyneema scissors or Ceramic knife

Selma needles

Whipping twine + needle

  2x 1 meter single braid S-core

1,5 meter Cruiser XTS

Splicing tape


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