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 Workshop splitsen van moderne lijnen


Thank you for participating in our Advanced Splicing Webinars. We hope you enjoyed it. 

Of course, if you have any questions about splicing, or need any help, you can always contact us.

See you next time.   

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  1. Splicing Kit - Yacht
    SKU: PRH88003
    Premiumropes offers a range of splicing kits. This one is for yacht owners . It includes a complete set Selma splicing needles, D-Splicer Fixed F15, special scissors for Dyneema ropes, whipping twine, sailing needles, splicing tape and some practice ropes. You can choose if you want the kit with or without splicing book. Learn More
  2. Scissors D16
    SKU: PRH82703
    Dyneema® is the one of the hardest fabric to cut with a pair of scissors. The D-16 scissors are the best pair of scissors we have tested and are a high performance pair of scissors for a sharp price. Learn More
  3. D-Splicer Fixed
    SKU: PRH804

    The D-Splicer Fixed is an easy to use splicing tool for (yachting) ropes. It is designed to work in situations where existing needles don't work. The unique double needle clamps your line and makes it easy to pull through.

    Learn More
  4. Ceramic Knife
    SKU: PRH825
    Dyneema®, Stirotex, Kevlar and vectran are the hardest fibers to cut. This ceramic knife handles these fibers with ease and stays sharp. Learn More
  5. S-Cup
    SKU: PRR330
    Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line
    This high quality performance regatta rope, has a Stirotex grade 8 coated core and 24 braid HT Polyester cover. Features: Suitable for splicing and tapering, very low stretch, light weight, great durability, stronger than steel. Especially suitable for halyards Learn More

5 Items

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