Webinar Mooring

 Workshop splitsen van moderne lijnen

Inhoud workshop splitsen

Complete training splicing Docklines and Fenderlines

Inhoud workshop splitsen

Free of Charge

Inhoud workshop splitsen

Oppertunity to ask questions

Inhoud workshop splitsen

Follow the webinar form a PC, laptop or tablet

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Webinar Mooring

Thursday 16th april at 19.00 (UTC+1)


Learn how to splice mooring, dock- & fenderlines

It’s important that your yacht is safe in the harbour. Choosing the right mooring lines, jump lines, fenders and fender lines can be challenging. Spliced ropes will have a higher breaking strength and ensures that you have an reliable set of docklines.

In this Webinar we explain how you can splice mooring lines yourself. We also show you how to make fender lines from a braided rope and how to splice them directly to a fender. All splices will be demonstrated step-by-step and you will have plenty of time to follow the instructions. During the webinar there are opportunities to ask questions. In between the actual splicing we will tell you how to determine the correct rope length/diameter and how to inflate a fender properly.

The webinar will be free of charge. You will need however a computer with internet connection, splicing tools and the right ropes to practise. We made a Webinar Rope set Mooring containing all the ropes you’ll need during the webinar. The Splicing set Webinar Mooring is for those who need the Rope set and the splicing tools required for the webinar.




Splicing set Webinar Mooring or Rope set Webinar Mooring


 Required material

Selma Needles

Whipping twine + needles

2 meter Dockline

2 meter fenderline


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