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 Workshop splitsen van moderne lijnen


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Webinar #2 - Wednesday 8th april at 19.00 (UTC +2)

Thank you for participating in our webinar. We will continue with the second part on Wednesday 6th April. In this webinar we continue with splicing a double braided polyester rope. Also we will show you how to make a softshackle. Don't forget to register for this webinar!

Do you want to start making halyards?

Do you have confidence in your splicing abilities and do you want to make your own halyard? If you order the S-Cup you’ll have the same rope as we used during the webinar.


Check out our instruction video for a S-Cup halyard

The webinar is free of charge

To participate you need the following


A computer or laptop with an internet connection and webbrowser


iPad, tablet or phone with internet and the Clickmeeting app (free)



Practise material for splicing

Splicing set Webinar or Rope set Webinar


 Required (extra) material Webinar #2

1 meter single braid S-Core

1,5 meter CruiserXTS

Selma needles

Splicing tape


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  1. S-Cup
    SKU: PRR330
    Application: Halyard, Sheet, Control line
    This high quality performance regatta rope, has a Stirotex grade 8 coated core and 24 braid HT Polyester cover. Features: Suitable for splicing and tapering, very low stretch, light weight, great durability, stronger than steel. Especially suitable for halyards Learn More
  2. Scissors D14
    SKU: PRH82702
    Dyneema® is the one of the hardest fabric to cut with a pair of scissors. The D-14 scissors are the best pair of scissors we have tested and are a high performance pair of scissors for a sharp price. Learn More
  3. D-Splicer Kit A4
    SKU: PRH80101
    D-SPLICER splicing needle is ideal for thin ropes (<4mm) splicing techniques. An anodized aluminium handle and four stainless steel needles. The needles come in two sizes. The D-SPLICER comes in a handy tube for easy storage. Learn More
  4. Splicing Needle Set
    SKU: PRH817
    Selma Fids (Needles) are made from highly polished stainless steel. This Norwegian product is patented world wide. The 2 sets are covering the most commonly used lines and ropes ranging from 4mm (1/8 inch) to 13mm (5/8 inch) diameter. Learn More
  5. D-Splicer Fixed
    SKU: PRH804

    The D-Splicer Fixed is an easy to use splicing tool for (yachting) ropes. It is designed to work in situations where existing needles don't work. The unique double needle clamps your line and makes it easy to pull through.

    Learn More
  6. Snap Shackle 'Speedlink' with Swivel Eye
    SKU: WR265

    Wichard Speedlink - the new snapshackle

    Learn More
  7. Halyard Shackle with Captive Pin long
    SKU: WR149
    Wichard halyard shackle. These shackles have the highest strength-to-ratio of any existing halyard shackles. Learn More
  8. Snap Shackle with Swivel Eye
    SKU: WR247S
    Wichard snap shackle with a swivel eye. Available in 3 sizes: 70mm, 90mm and 120mm. Learn More
  9. Snap Shackle with Fixed Eye
    SKU: WR247F
    Wichard snap shackle with a fixed eye Learn More
  10. Ceramic Knife
    SKU: PRH825
    Dyneema®, Stirotex, Kevlar and vectran are the hardest fibers to cut. This ceramic knife handles these fibers with ease and stays sharp. Learn More
  11. Sailmakers Palm
    SKU: PRH848
    Indispensable for sewing through sailcloth or thick lines. The professional palm is made of heavier materials, available for left and right handed sailors. Learn More
  12. Rope Fid
    SKU: PRH820
    The rope fid is a great tool you can use while splicing rope, available in two different sizes. Learn More

12 Items

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