Splicing rope is fun and easy. It is so much stronger than knotting halyards and sheets. Check out our rope splicing tools from e.g. D-SPLICER. Premiumropes has splicing tutorials for braided ropes in splicing books, videos and an Rope Splicing App!

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  1. 现代航海绳索编接技术/ 实用手册
    SKU: PRH90209
    Chinese version of 'Splicing modern ropes - a practical handbook' - by Jan-Willem Polman.


    现代航海绳索编接技术/ 实用手册
    现已成为世界权威的绳索编接实用指导手册。 所有编接技巧通过450多张高分辨率照片清晰呈现。
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  2. Handbook Splicing Modern Ropes
    SKU: PRH902
    Using clear, step-by-step photography and detailed instructions, this book will guide readers through all the stages required to make strong, reliable splices. Author: Jan-Willem Polman
    Available in 7 languages.
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    From €25.95 €25.95
  3. Splicing Kit - Kite Surfing Set
    SKU: PRH885

    Make your own set of flying lines with this Kite Surfing Set. Do you need to replace your flying lines, or do you want to have another length? Longer flying lines give you more power and shorter lines give you quicker turning possibilities.

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    From €52.50 €52.50
  4. D-Splicer D-Slack
    SKU: PRH809
    Clever splicing tool made of special braiding to get pulling power on the cover of a rope, that needs to be milked over a splice or core. Available in two sizes. Learn More
    From €17.95 €17.95
  5. D-Pouch Splicing Bag
    SKU: PRH810

    Keep your splicing tools neatly organized in the D-Pouch. Due to the compact design this pouch can be stored on board easily.

    Available in two sizes:

    The P40 - enough space for a complete set of splicing tools

    The P65 Pro - enough space when you want to store D-Splicer fixed professional XL

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    From €24.95 €24.95
  6. Registration Kit Complete A1,2,3 - Workshop Advanced splicing
    SKU: PRR999044WEB

    A personal invitation to our workshop advanced splicing A1, A2 & A3. This kit also contains all practise ropes.

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