Sta-Lok terminals, turnbuckles and insulators are of the highest quality rigging hardware. Whether you want it hand-fitted or a machine swaged, it's up to you. All Sta-Lok rigging products are produced in the United Kingdom.

Sta-Lok swageless terminalsSta-Lok bronze turnbucklesSta-lok swage terminalsSta-lok insulators for radio antenna

Self-fit Terminals

Do it yourself rigging! These Sta-Lok Self Fit terminals are the alternative to swaging. You only need basic hand tools. These terminals are quick and easy to install. The Sta-Lok swageless stemballs, studs, eyes and forks are guaranteed stronger than wire rope. Great for repairing stays and shrouds when a rigger is not around. For blue water cruisers, we advise to take a set of spare Sta-Lok swageless terminals on board. The terminals are ready to use for 1x19 wire rope as standard. If you have 7 strand or compact wire rope, use the different wedges provided. Order your 1x19 stainless steel wire rope per metre from our webstore. The swageless terminals come with split pins. They are suitable for right hand and left hand wire rope.

Swage Terminals

Swaging terminals are more economic, thinner and aesthetic from the self-fit ones. There is maybe only one small minor point, being that you need a swaging machine to connect the terminals to the wire rope. Luckily, we have such machines and we are happy to do this for you! Premiumropes has precise swaging machines. Measure your old stays to the millimetre and we will make exact new copies. Our on-line rigging configurator guides you through the ordering process. First choose the type and diameter of the stainless steel wire rope you need. The configurator then offers the possible terminals, fittings and rigging screws available for that type of wire rope. The Sta-Lok swage terminals are also loaded in this rigging configurator. If you need help or advice, do not hesitate to contact us or phone at +31 20 419 6412.

Bronze turnbuckles

Sta-Lok bronze turnbuckles are our favourite. We love the highly polished chromium layer on the outside. The inside of these turnbuckles is forged from high strength bronze alloy. The bronze house prevents a so-called cold fusion with the stainless steel wire rope. Also for the bronze turnbuckles, you can buy your new shrouds or stays with our on-line rigging configurator. Check out the B24 Toggle & Swage bronze turnbuckle. The toggle minimises the fatigue risk.


Want to use your standing rigging as radio antenna? Choose one of our Sta-Lok insulators. Also for the insulators, we have self-fit insulators or ones that require professional swaging. The electronical properties of Sta-Lok insulators are:

  • - Impedance measurement @15MHz
  • - Capacitance 16pF resistance 400K
  • - D.C. Leakage resistance @30Kv is greater than 10 G Ohms
  • - Voltage proof test: withstands 30 Kv applied for 2 hours without breakdown. No change in 15 MHz impedance after voltage proof test.

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