Winch handle Aluminum - 203mm (8inch)

Harken 203mm (8 inch) winch handles come in 4 different types: With lock-in, without lock-in, low-profile and with handpalm.
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Harken offers a wide range of low-friction ball bearing winch handles. These ball bearings offer an efficient transmittion of power into the winch and will fit all standard winch sockets.

Locking vs. Plain Lock-in

Handles are easy to engage and release with a thumb switch. Plain handles are faster to insert.
203 mm (8 in) handles grind faster because they swing through a smaller circle, but power is reduced by 20%. 8 in (203 mm) handles are ideal for smaller boats and light air where speed is more important than power.

We also have the standard 10inch winch handles.
ArticleWinchhandleLenghtHeight mmRise mmWeigth gr.
HKB8APSpeed grip (aluminum)203 mm (8inch)16832400
No - lock
HKB8ALSpeed grip (aluminum)203 mm (8inch)16832400
Lock- in
HKB8ASGSpeed grip (aluminum)203 mm (8inch)18232500
Lock-in & handpalm
HKB8ASGLPSpeed grip (aluminum)203 mm (8inch)12232400
Lock-in & low profile
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