WINDEX wind direction indicator

WINDEX is the perfect choice for all sizes family and racing boats. The WINDEX Wind Indicator offers exceptionally good performance. The secret is the needle that rests in a safari layer, which means that Windex finds the shifts even in extremely weak winds.
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Accurate and direct display of wind direction on sailboats with the WINDEX wind direction indicators.

The WINDEX wind indicator is provides a reliable display of wind direction on all sailboats. From small dinghies to large yachts. The WINDEX's arrow indicates the apparent wind angle. The WINDEX is reliable and reacts quickly to changes in wind direction. So as a trimmer or helmsman, you always get good wind information. WINDEX is the right tool for good trim, smooth manoeuvres and reliable steering.
Its high quality and low-friction, balanced wind vane have been known for this product for more than 40 years. This makes WINDEX one of the best and most renowned products for sailors. Thanks to its inventive and ingenious design, the WINDEX wind indicator has remained virtually unchanged in all these years.

Which WINDEX model fits my sailboat?

  • WINDEX 15, the best choice for sailing yachts from 25ft to 40ft - perfect equipment for all cruising and racing yachts up to approx. 12m in length. The WINDEX 15 is mounted with a bracket in the top of the mast and is large enough (38 cm length of wind vane) to be clearly visible from below. Even with a long mast. Thanks to the reflective tape on the wind vane, the WINDEX 15 is easy to read during the day and at night. WINDEX wind vanes are sturdy and can be used for many years. The WINDEX 15 has a 5/16" threaded end that fits into the provided bracket. Alternatively, an 8mm hole can be drilled to fix the WINDEX 15 with a nut.
  • WINDEX 10, for sailboats up to approx. 25ft The WINDEX 10 was developed as a smaller version of the well-known WINDEX 15. This size is suitable for sailboats from 5 to 8.5 meter. Like the WINDEX 15, this model also has reflective tape on the bottom. The WINDEX 10 has a 5/16" threaded end that fits into the bracket provided. Alternatively, an 8mm hole can be drilled to fix it with a nut.
  • WINDEX XL is for yachts over 40ft The new, large WINDEX XL model is specially designed for larger vessels. At 570 mm long, the wind vane is easy to read from the deck of larger sailboats. The WINDEX XL is recommended for yachts up to 30m in length. Naturally, this model offers the same premium technology as the smaller models.
  • WINDEX 6 for open boats and dinghies - the perfect choice for all sports boats and smaller multihulls. The WINDEX 6 is suitable for masts and bowsprits with a diameter of 45-70 mm. You can attach the WINDEX 6 both horizontally and vertically. This makes the WINDEX 6 for example suitable for Optimist, Laser or catamarans. The wind vane is sensitive and also works in light winds. Included is a rubber cord for attachment to tubes of 45-70 mm.
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